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Living Christian Science Today

"I'm a Christian Scientist." What's it like to say that in today's world and live the ideas you’re learning about?

Prayer helps resolve business issue

Panic and anxiety are replaced by the assurance that God was taking care of this business owner.

Loving, not blaming

Having a challenging day? Prayer can reverse a downward spiral. 

Gratitude that heals

Giving thanks to God is a time-honored tradition – and it brings healing.

Climbing with the Shepherd

As God’s children, we not only hear our Shepherd’s voice, but it’s natural to follow.

Nothing is lost to all-knowing Mind

Prayer leads the way to earrings lost on a sandy beach.

Prayer and trust in God’s care brought the spiritual ideas this author needed to overcome feelings of fear while traveling abroad.

Our spiritual inheritance

A daughter expresses gratitude for the spiritual wealth her parents shared.

Spiritual blueprints to build with

The challenges that came with building a new home were met by listening for diving guidance.

Protected from road rage by listening to God

When an angry driver tries to intimidate this author, she turns to God in prayer and feels a peace that helps her make smart decisions.

Overcoming frightening thoughts

When the world seems a scary place, we can turn to God for a calming view of what’s really going on.

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