That time in the tomb

Originally published for the Christian Science Sentinel online on April 13, 2022

I've thought a lot about the Easter story—
those three days,
that interval between the crucifixion
and the resurrection.
I think there’s quite a lesson in there
for all of us.
We feel low,
beaten down by
Hurt, wronged,
condemned even.
A kind of
Although, contrary to what Jesus did,
our prayers
turn to worry.
We ruminate,
maybe days on end.
But then . . .
the Christ,
the Truth,
and we realize
that the Truth has been true all along.
We’ve never been abandoned by God,
and our three days or minutes or years in the tomb
were just to recognize this: our salvation,
our healing,
our resurrection.
Be patient.
This is your time.

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