You’re included

“It was so quick,” said my friend’s text. 

She’d burned her mouth on some hot chocolate but had been instantaneously healed when she’d remembered another quick healing she’d recently had. She realized that the truth that had healed her the first time—that she is spiritual and that God always keeps her completely safe—was just as true in this instance. Moments later, all effects of the burn had vanished.

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“Law” is one of those topics that sounds kind of boring. But law is the whole reason we can count on healing.

But that’s not the end of the story. A few weeks later, I’d just microwaved a drink for myself and didn’t realize quite how hot it had gotten. The first sip burned my tongue. In a flash, my friend’s experience came back to me. I thought, “What’s true for her must also be true for me.” A few minutes later, I realized I’d been healed, too.

This experience has given me a new appreciation for the healings I publish on TeenConnect each week, and which we hear at Wednesday evening testimony meetings at branch Churches of Christ, Scientist, around the world. It can be easy to hear a testimony or read a healing on this website and think of it as “uplifting” or “inspiring.” But I’ve come to realize that our healings are so much more powerful than that. You could almost say that any healing is also a promise of your own healing—of anyone’s healing—because it’s proof of God’s universal laws, operating for everyone, everywhere.

“Law” is one of those topics that sounds kind of boring. Or, if you’ve grown up in Christian Science, you may have heard it talked about so much that you kind of tune it out. But here’s the thing. Law is the whole reason we can count on healing. Law is the whole reason we can all count on healing! 

I like to think of law as an unseen but powerful force that’s active and reliable, even if we don’t fully understand it. For example, if you jump up in the air, you’re going to come back to the ground whether or not you understand the principle behind “what goes up must come down.” In the same way, even if you don’t fully understand God’s laws of health, safety, and harmony, the spiritual fact is that you’re governed by them. 

Actually, God’s laws are really the only laws governing any of us. So as we’re praying, what we’re really doing is waking up to that fact. We aren’t snapping the laws of God into operation. We aren’t making them more effective. We aren’t using our prayers to get those laws to become more powerful than what many people consider to be “laws,” such as contagion, seasonal illness, and so on. Instead, prayer opens our thought to become conscious of the fact that “in him [God] we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28)—because God fills all space, and that’s what makes God, good, the real governing law to everything. Because we are spiritual, living in God’s kingdom, we are as subject to God’s good, health-giving, protecting laws as the number three is to the principles of addition and subtraction.

Healing is the result of the reliable divine Principle, God, not some special personal power.

So, how do we become more conscious of God’s laws at work in our lives? Certainly by reading, listening to, and feeling the power of others’ healings. And also by knowing with conviction that those healings are the result of the reliable divine Principle, God, not some special personal power that some of us have and others don’t. That’s what healed me of the burn. And it’s why Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 13). She saw so clearly that the law of divine Principle, Love, extends throughout all time and space, including every individual of any background, culture, or nationality. No one is left out.

Any healing you read on this website, whether it relates to an issue you’re dealing with or not, is a promise of your own freedom from anything in your life that needs adjusting. The more you accept the fact that you’re included, the more you’ll experience its powerful, healing effects.

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