Christian Science: The Christianity of Jesus

Originally published in the 1909 pamphlet titled Christian Science: The Christianity of Jesus

THE message of Christian Science to humanity is one of hope, joy, and blessedness; of longevity, harmony, and immortality, here and now. It is a message of universal love and peace. It knows no section nor clime nor sect. It is the Science of universal being for universal man, and ministers to universal human need. Nothing else on earth promises so much and fulfils so much. It offers to humanity the key which unlocks the gates of Paradise, that it may be regained. It offers the elixir of eternal life, and all may drink its spiritual draughts. It reveals to men the divine alchemy of Spirit, by which a mortal, sinning, and discordant consciousness may be transformed into a spiritual, harmonious, and immortal consciousness. Through this divine process Christian Science is establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth,—the reign of individual and universal righteousness, that righteousness which is based on the right apprehension, or right thought of God and man.

It would be as impossible to tell the all of Christian Science, its teachings and infinite meanings, as it would be to count the stars in illimitable space or to number the waves on the shore of a limitless sea. This Science of infinity, whose Principle is God, is the Science of God's eternal law of good, of health, harmony, prosperity, perfection, whose phenomena constitute the reality of being.

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