Christian Science: Both Christian and Scientific

Originally published in the 1909 pamphlet titled Christian Science: Both Christian and Scientific

IT is not the purpose of this lecture to pass judgment upon the opinions or practices of others, however much these may differ from our own. In this free land all have a right to their religious views, so long as they infringe in no way upon the public welfare. We shall not criticize others, but present some of the reasons for the hope that is in us. There are good reasons why this religion commands the respect of the sincere and thoughtful, even though they are not of its communion.

Christian Science shows its faith by its works. It asks for no man's sanction until it has been weighed in the even scales of right reasoning and mature reflection. In the bright light of truth it has been accepted by a large body of Christian people, among whom are learned, distinguished, and successful men in every walk of life. Its fruits bear witness to its worth.

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