Christian Science: Applied Righteousness

Originally published in the 1918 pamphlet “Christian Science: Applied Righteousness”

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  is defined by Mrs. Eddy on page 471 of her book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," as "divine Science...reduced to human apprehension." The definition is of value in two special respects. In the first place, if to any of us the term Christian Science has come to mean merely the aggregated teachings of a particular religious sect or denomination, the term "divine Science" may assist us toward consideration of the subject in its broad and true meaning, so that when we refer to Christian Science we shall be understood as having in thought not merely the words of a book or the doctrines of a church or the professions or practices of a body of persons, but rather the Science or knowledge of being, of Life, of Truth, of God; in other words, divine Science.

The second important phase of this definition of Christian Science as "divine Science...reduced to human apprehension," is that the broadened scope of the subject does not lead it beyond the range of our view nor obscure its direct and practical relation to our affairs. According to this definition, divine Science, or the correct knowledge of absolute reality and the immutable law thereof, is capable of being apprehended by man and applied to human needs. It is the mission of Christian Science to bring to light the fact that man's true selfhood is not separated from the intelligence that makes and governs all.

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