The "right" school for my son

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In some city areas of France, where I live, it’s customary for parents to put their children in a private school between the ages of 12 and 15, because it’s thought that for those grades, many public schools underperform. However, after that, many parents then put their children back into the public school system for the end of high school.

My husband and I decided to follow these customs for our son. I was not aware, however, of a government policy that governs the transitioning of private school children back to the public system. I learned that because my son was attending a private school, he would be eligible to apply for admission only to “leftover” public schools. And by the time I learned this, the private school he had attended had given away his place to someone on their waiting list (they had warned us this would happen if we showed any intention of leaving, and we had been honest about our plans).

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