Warts on knee gone

One of the first times that I prayed about something on my own was in middle school. I had a wart on my knee. I never thought too much about it until I started seeing advertisements on television showing how to get rid of warts. The ads also claimed that if you didn’t remove a wart, it would spread. Shortly after I saw these commercials, my whole knee was covered in warts. I suddenly became very self-conscious about the problem, and it raised questions from my peers, which was a miserable addition to the situation. 

I quickly noticed the connection between the direction of my thoughts and the physical condition. It was so obvious to me that a “spreading” suggestion had entered my thoughts and needed to be addressed. 

I decided that I would handle the problem through prayer as taught in Christian Science. My prayer wasn’t complex, and it didn’t lead to a big “aha” moment. In my own, childlike way, I simply decided that every time I was tempted to look at the warts, I would resist looking and, instead, realize that I was completely free from any blemish. 

At the root of this prayer was knowing that my perfection as a child of God was maintained by divine Love and that divine Love would do the healing. I realize now that I was seeing myself as wholly unblemished, healthy, and free. I don’t think it was longer than one month before all the warts on my knee were gone. And they have never returned. 

Now, many years later, I still think about this healing often. Not only do I love my endearing childlikeness at the time, but the experience showed me that healing isn’t complicated. We don’t have to have everything figured out. What mattered was that my desire was honest, that I was persistent, and that in my heart I knew I could rely on prayer for healing. 

No matter how big or small a challenge, we can know that God will always answer our prayer and that He meets us exactly where we are in our understanding of Him and of man’s present perfection.

Karina Bumatay
Watertown, Massachusetts, US

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