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Answer to prayer

[Judith Hardy Olson, “Grace and glory at a time of struggle,” Sentinel, January 16 & 24, 2023]

This article was an answer to prayer. In a recent Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on the subject “Sacrament,” the word glory stood out so strongly to me from the same citation quoted in this article—about Jesus experiencing gloom and glory in the garden. And I was asking the same question: Where was the glory in the garden? I felt I was going through a kind of Gethsemane experience, and I sure wasn’t seeing any glory. The Sentinel arrived after I’d been pondering the question all week—perfect timing. The explanation of Jesus’ complete surrender to God’s will providing him the strength to persist in his mission revealed to me the glory in the garden and answered my prayer. Thank you.

Kelly Michaels, via JSH-Online.com

Easily understood

Thank you to Moji George for her editorial, “Can God heal this?” in the January 9, 2023, Sentinel. I appreciated that this piece could be both easily understood by newcomers and profound in its clear statements of the truth that heals. 

I forwarded this editorial to others, and one of the recipients experienced a healing.

Verna Balch, Rolling Hills, California, US

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February 27, 2023

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