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Touched my heart

I am so grateful for the article “When a loved one passes on” by Louis Benjamin (Sentinel, July 25, 2022). It touched my heart as I navigate life after my husband’s passing. “Our completeness is always intact, because our relation to God is never severed, divorced, lost, or taken away.” This is so wonderful for all to know.  

Cami Thompson, Levittown, New York, US

Practical help

[John Biggs, “What do we need to figure out?” cssentinel.com, July 14, 2022]

This brilliant article helped me in a very practical way, and I shall never forget its powerful message. The morning after reading it, I was in bed praying. I began having chills, and wondered if I might be getting sick. Instantly, I thought about this article. I read some hymns about praising God, and within minutes the chills were gone, and I was able to get up and face my duties for the day. This article reminds me to focus on God rather than on figuring out the problem. Praise the Lord for this wonderful, helpful lesson.

Jayne Grimshaw, via JSH-Online.com

Thank you

[James Walter, “For a single moment,” Sentinel, August 1, 2022] 

Thank you for this absolutely inspired poem!

Paul White, via JSH-Online.com

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August 29, 2022

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