God’s constant care

“All real being represents God, and is in Him. In this Science of being, man can no more relapse or collapse from perfection, than his divine Principle, or Father, can fall out of Himself into something below infinitude” (Mary Baker Eddy, No and Yes, p. 26). This was a passage a Christian Science practitioner sent me when I asked her to pray for me after I’d taken a fall down a long flight of stairs.

The accident had made walking and moving painful. The more I prayed with the ideas in this passage, the clearer they were to me. As God’s representative, how could I be anything less than perfect?

I also prayed with the ninety-first Psalm, especially this part about angels, or God’s thoughts: “He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone” (verses 11, 12). I thought, If that statement is true, it must be true for me. I am always held up by God. So, the notion that I could fall and be hurt could not, in reality, be true. 

I thought about this statement in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “Accidents are unknown to God, or immortal Mind, . . . ” (Mary Baker Eddy, p. 424). It is significant that “immortal Mind” as a synonym for God is used here. We might believe that time is a factor in accidents, thinking, for example, “If only I hadn’t been there at that time, the accident would not have happened.” But this is metaphysically untrue because God doesn’t know mortal measurements such as time—time is no part of immortal Mind’s creation. I could reject the suggestion that there had been a moment of time that contained a fall down the stairs. There is only the immortal, perfect, spiritual now—no mortal past or future.

Although I felt discouraged a few times over the following days, I was able to recognize and reject those negative thoughts as lies that couldn’t come from God. I was completely healed within two weeks. A friend who had witnessed the incident was amazed that there were no bruises on me at all. I’ve remained completely free of any effects from the fall.

A few months after this healing, my Christian Science teacher sent her pupils a letter asking us to give some attention in our prayers to forgiveness. She had covered this topic in the in-depth course on Christian Science that I had recently taken with her (Primary class instruction), and I felt I was pretty much through with praying about forgiveness. However, it occurred to me that my teacher would not have included this request in her letter unless it were divinely impelled, and I decided I should pay attention. 

I was mulling this over as I walked to the Christian Science Reading Room where I was to be on duty that day, when I was suddenly overwhelmed with anger and bitterness toward a man I had once dated and fallen in love with. These emotions seemed to come out of the blue, and I was surprised—I thought I was over that disappointment. The man and I were friends now, and I was ashamed that I could still feel this way years after we had broken up. 

I thought these strong feelings would be hard to heal, so I turned to God with all my heart. I walked into the Reading Room, and before sitting down, opened at random the collection of Mrs. Eddy’s writings called Prose Works, and the first thing my eyes fell on was the exact same passage that opens this testimony! It had to be a divine message to me. 

The bitter feelings, the anger, and the stomachache that had resulted from these strong emotions, instantly left. I was deeply grateful to have been guided by divine Mind to open to that same powerful, healing passage. 

To the physical senses, it appeared that I had once fallen in love, more recently fallen down some stairs, and suffered from both events. However, as God’s reflection, I could never fall, could never “relapse or collapse from perfection.” Impossible. God has promised to hold us forever in His likeness, and I saw the practical results of accepting that truth. Twice!

Laurel Cooley
New York City, New York, US

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