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Where is our faith?

Absolute faith in God might seem an impossible requirement, until we realize that full faith in God is natural to us all, for God is the source of our faith. 
We can see through any materially based narrative about ourselves and others.

Governed by God, not the planets

Are there powers other than God? A recent experience proved to me the importance of knowing the spiritual truth that God alone influences our experience. 
Fears of being judged or ridiculed by others are overcome by the steady conviction that God is the power behind right ideas and our ability to express them clearly.
This week’s photographic inspiration and related text.
I thought about how God is with me, so nothing bad can get to me.
Testimony of Healing
I knew my thought about the accident was going to be more important than the actual event.
Testimony of Healing
I knew that my inherent spiritual purity gave me dominion, including over a virus.
Testimony of Healing

Injured dog regains mobility

My dog began putting weight on her leg again, and within a short time she was back to walking several miles a day, freely and joyfully.
Bible Lens

Soul and Body

Throughout the Bible, light symbolizes divine presence, power, and knowledge.

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