Scientific prayer changed my life

I learned about Christian Science from a friend in high school. I was an active member of a Protestant church and was concerned that my friend declined an aspirin when she had a headache. She explained that she was a Christian Scientist and was accustomed to turning to God for healing. I began to read about Christian Science so I could help her see what I believed to be the fallacy of this “dangerous” religion.

Over several months, we had a lot of conversations about God and our relationship to Him, and I was also able to ask questions of my friend’s mother, who was a Christian Science practitioner. But I continued to try to reason my friend out of her faith.

One day, I became ill. I had all the symptoms of a seasonal flu. Alone in my room, I thought, “Well, what would my friend do if she were confronted with this illness?” For just a few minutes, I sincerely prayed. I acknowledged that there is one God, that God is good, that God created all, and that God’s creation, including man (everyone’s true identity), is very good, as the first chapter of Genesis tells us. I also acknowledged that God is all-powerful—certainly strong enough to maintain everything in His creation in perfection. Next, I admitted to myself that this sickness could not be part of God’s plan for me or have a place in reality. It had to be a lie, and I didn’t have to believe it. 

That was it. I was well! Frankly, it frightened me. I wondered if I had “thought” myself well, and I tried to think myself sick again. It didn’t work. I was entirely free.

From then on, I began to study this Science in earnest. It changed my life. Immediate results included finding schoolwork less challenging, seeing improvement in my grades, and enjoying better relationships. Over the passing of years, I have learned more and more about what God is, what I am, and that God’s love is always with me. 

It’s many years later, and I’ve learned that continued progress and healing results require diligent study, prayer, and spiritual growth. But I cannot imagine living without these divine laws that correct and heal. How grateful I am for my friend, who was unselfish enough to share her great love of Christian Science!

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