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We can sacredly hold to this spiritual light in consciousness until we see that it is all there really is.
Keeping Watch
All sense of being stuck in the middle of a heated conflict dissolved.
Keeping Watch

"L’Eggo” my ego

It made sense to me to pause and wait on God as the one Ego.
Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
Keeping Watch
The acknowledgment of my relationship to God, and the desire and willingness to exercise the fidelity and faithfulness inherent in this relationship, proved to be effective.
How I found Christian Science
I had all the symptoms of a seasonal flu. Alone in my room, I thought, “Well, what would my friend do if she were confronted with this illness?”
I knew I didn’t have to be afraid of going to the beach again, because God would always be with me.
Testimony of Healing

Immobility healed

I pondered what true mobility, or movement, is, praying about this for society as a whole as well as for myself. 
Testimony of Healing
In December 2019, I had a very clear directive from God to resign from my teaching job in Vienna at the end of March and return to Australia.

Safe after a fall

I reasoned that I could lift myself above the impression of having been injured and in peril by realizing my unchanged spiritual nature and letting go of the material images and sensations associated with the experience.
Testimony of Healing

No more elbow pain

The fact that man (the true identity of each of us) is made in the image and likeness of God lifted my thought above body, bones, and material causes to an understanding of my spiritual identity as God’s expression. The profound truth of that statement was more captivating and attention-getting than the elbow pain. 
Bible Lens
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