A healing at the beach

I was playing on the beach with my mommy and daddy when I saw a sparkly, round blue thing lying on the sand. It was very pretty, so I picked it up to look at it.

It was a jellyfish. It had a long tail, and when the wind blew, the tail whipped around and stung me.

It hurt so much! And there were rashes on me where I’d been stung.
I couldn’t stop crying, so we left the beach. I said I was never going in the ocean again!

On the way home, my daddy reached into the back of the car where I was sitting so he could hold my hand. That made me feel better. Then I thought of something I learned in Christian Science Sunday School that also made me feel better.

I said, “I am God’s perfect child, right?”

My dad said, “Yes, of course you are!”

Right then, I stopped crying. I wasn’t scared or hurting anymore because I knew that since I was perfect, I couldn’t be hurting. God was always keeping me safe, just the way He made me. 

By the next day the rashes were gone. I knew I didn’t have to be afraid of going to the beach again, because God would always be with me. There’s not a spot on me, or at the beach, or anywhere else where God is not. In the afternoon we went back to the beach, and I had so much fun snorkeling.

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