Immobility healed

What a joy and blessing it is that Christian Science gives us the ability to recognize and live the reality of Spirit, God, as Christ Jesus exemplified it! As Jesus told us, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). I’d like to share an insight I gained last year that brought healing.

After a tumble on a ski slope, I lacked mobility in one leg and arm. Because I live alone in a rural setting, instead of returning home, I went to a Christian Science nursing facility. The Christian Science nursing staff were so helpful in meeting my practical needs but were most valuable in supporting my spiritual progress. I pondered what true mobility, or movement, is, praying about this for society as a whole as well as for myself. The Christian Science practitioner whom I had called for prayerful help encouraged me to turn away from the belief that any form of matter is the source, impetus, or enabler of movement. The Bible states that “we live, and move, and have our being” in God (Acts 17:28).

I began to pray for a better understanding of what this movement in God truly is. I thought of the analogy of a movement in a symphonic work. This kind of movement is an idea expressed by the musical notes and the orchestra playing them but is not confined to either. Similarly, as an idea of God, my identity or substance is not limited to or by a physical body.

Then I thought about how all of the notes in a piece of music work together to provide movement of sound. Coincidentally, there are seven notes in a scale, and Christian Science recognizes seven key synonyms for God that Mary Baker Eddy identified from her inspired study of the Bible: Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, and Love. The harmonious unfoldment of each synonym of God in every one of God’s ideas, including me, is the true expression of movement. I began to see that as I reflect the activity of Life, the uniqueness of Soul, the integrity of Truth, the wisdom of Mind, the rhapsody or spiritual bliss of Love, the infinitude of Spirit, the government of Principle, I am expressing true movement—the movement of my being as God’s creation. 

At that point, I found I could move more easily and with more agility. I was able to return home shortly thereafter and then take an extended train trip on my own. I made a full recovery and continue to be able to fulfill all the requirements of my rural home, including tree cutting and trimming, slash chipping, gardening, and snow removal. 

It is such a joy and blessing to ponder the glory of God’s creation! I am so grateful to God, our creator, for Christ Jesus our Way-shower; for Mrs. Eddy, who discovered and explained the Science of the Christ; for Christian Science nursing facilities, which provide an oasis of practical and spiritual support; for all Christian Science practitioners and nurses; for the Christian Science periodicals; and for the worldwide Churches of Christ, Scientist, that are blessing their communities. As Psalm 23 states, “My cup runneth over” (verse 5) for sure! 

Judith DeNoyer
Potomac, Montana, US

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