Pain in arms gone

A few years ago I began to feel pain in my arms, especially while swimming. I didn’t give it much thought, putting it down to the fact that I was becoming more active and using muscles that hadn’t been used for a while. The pain continued, though, for about three weeks.

One morning, when I was feeling sharp twinges in my arms as I swam, I noticed a woman I didn’t know leaning against the side of the pool, just moving her arms in the water. We said good morning, and as we briefly chatted, she explained that she was exercising her arms to ease chronic pain because she had polymyalgia rheumatica.

This immediately awakened me to the need to correct my thinking about the pain I was experiencing. I silently affirmed that I was God’s, divine Spirit’s, spiritual creation and could express only God-derived qualities, such as health, beauty, and grace. I knew that pain was not true for anyone but was instead a mistaken belief without power, substance, or life. 

I prayed to see that this false notion of disease or pain could have no effect, and also emailed a Christian Science practitioner for metaphysical treatment. He emailed back, “Praying immediately.” Over the next five days, he sent many inspiring messages affirming that man, my—and everyone’s—true spiritual identity, is the perfect image of divine Love, not a material physique, and that movement is actually spiritual. True movement is governed by God and must be harmonious and painless, so I could expect to soar (not be sore!) like an eagle gliding effortlessly through the air.

I saw more clearly that there is nothing to fix in God’s kingdom, because everything God made is already perfect. Therefore, disease, whatever it might be called, is actually a powerless lie. Since God did not make disease, it has no real identity. 

I began to understand that mortal mind, a supposed mind apart from God, was suggesting this lie to me, but I did not need to listen to it or believe what it was saying. So each time the pain came, I said, “No, I am not listening to you. There is no material body and no pain, for I am a spiritual idea formed by the one Mind, God, and that is the Mind I am listening to.”

The practitioner’s last email reminded me that I could not be touched by any earthly belief. I rejoiced in this truth, and when I went to the pool, with each stroke I glided through the water smoothly and painlessly for the glory of God.

Two days later, when mortal mind again suggested pain in my arms, I refused to listen. The pain simply left, and it has never returned in the two years since. And though I didn’t see the other swimmer again, I am confident that the initial spiritual thought that came to me in the pool that day blessed her, too. I am so grateful for Christian Science and for the dedicated practitioner.

Shirley Dodd
Walton, Waikato, New Zealand

Bible Lens
Soul and Body
November 15, 2021

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