Deep gratitude for Christian Science nursing care

A little over a year ago I had a fall, and 911 was called for emergency assistance. X-rays taken at a hospital revealed a dislocated shoulder and a broken collarbone. Four attempts to put the shoulder back into place failed, and it was determined that surgery was needed. 

The surgeon required an examination by a doctor to see if I was healthy enough for surgery. The surgeon received confirmation from the doctor that I was fit for surgery, but then the global pandemic hit, and all non-emergency surgery was canceled. It was some time before another appointment was made with the surgeon. When I was able to go in again, it was decided that the surgery wouldn’t be a good idea because of my age. It seemed I was back to square one. 

But throughout all of this, I had been praying on my own. Finally, I contacted a Christian Science practitioner for Christian Science treatment. He began praying for me immediately. I also decided I wanted to be transferred from the rehabilitation facility I was in to a Christian Science nursing facility. The rehabilitation facility required me to take a very strong pain medication so I could endure their rehabilitation exercises, and I wanted to be free and to rely on prayer.

The Christian Science nursing facility required that I be free from use of the drug for a minimum of two weeks before I could be admitted. This was accomplished through prayer in Christian Science, despite the medical belief that this would be impossible because of the drug’s addictive nature.

Initially, without the pain medication, the pain was intense, but the practitioner and I prayed out loud together with hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal and claimed my freedom from any influence other than that which is spiritual. The pain diminished, and I was freed of any need for painkillers. (This was substantiated by the rehabilitation facility, and I have remained completely free.)

I was admitted into the Christian Science nursing facility. My physical needs were lovingly and very capably met. I was surrounded by love. The Christian Science nurses went above and beyond to make me feel at home. The theme for the Christian Science nursing facility’s annual meeting at the time was “We are family,” and I can truly say I felt like family. Christian Science nurses who weren’t even assigned to me would stop by just to say hi. 

After two months, I went to another Christian Science nursing facility. My stay there was harmonious, too, and I was well cared for. Working daily with the dedicated Christian Science practitioner, I continued my prayers, knowing that all things are possible to God. Christian Science treatment resulted in my shoulder going into place naturally, without the need for any form of manual adjustment or physical rehabilitation.

Mere words cannot express my gratitude for Christian Science nurses. They are well trained on how to meet the physical needs of their patients, as well as spiritually minded and supportive of each step of progress. Their encouragement is vital to healing.

I am so grateful for Primary class instruction in Christian Science, for membership in The Mother Church (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston) since 1945, for membership in a number of branch churches over the years, and for all the avenues provided for our spiritual growth. I am extremely grateful for Christian Science!

Laurel Marquardt
Tustin, California, US

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November 15, 2021

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