Finding Fluffy

My little sister Laurel was sitting on Mom’s lap, crying. Mom was hugging her and talking to her, but the crying didn’t stop. I wondered what was wrong.

Mom told me that Laurel had taken her little white toy kitten, Fluffy, to school the day before. Now Fluffy was missing.

“Maybe she dropped her while walking home,” Mom said to me. And she asked me to try to find Fluffy.

I loved my sister and wanted to help. I put on my coat, hat, boots, and mittens, and opened the front door. What a surprise! It had snowed a lot during the night. Everything was white. How would I ever find little white Fluffy?

Then I thought of something I’d learned in Christian Science Sunday School. It was from the Bible: “God is love” (I John 4:8). I knew this meant that God loves each of us and takes care of us. Our teacher had told us that we can think of God as our best friend. When we have a problem, we can ask God for help. God talks to us by giving us good ideas, or angel messages, that tell us what to do. We just need to listen for them in our thought.

As I stepped into the snow, I asked God to help me. I told Him I loved my sister and wanted her to be happy again. I said I would listen very hard for His good ideas. I was glad that angels were with me.

Slowly, I walked the seven blocks to school, trying to see if Fluffy was somewhere in the snow. When I reached school without finding her, I turned around and began to walk back. I felt a little discouraged.

But I remembered I could trust God to tell me what to do. Just then, I had the thought to turn right at the next corner. Soon, I saw two little blue spots in the snow. I bent down to look more closely. They were two blue eyes belonging to one fluffy stuffed kitty! I reached down and pulled Fluffy out of the snow. I was so happy! Clutching Fluffy, I ran as fast as I could the rest of the way home.

I burst into the house, pulled off my boots, and ran to find my sister. When Laurel saw Fluffy in my arms, she reached out and took her and hugged her as hard as she could.

I told Mom about asking God to help me. She was as happy as I was that God’s angel thoughts had guided me to Fluffy. And you know what? I’ve never forgotten that God loves each one of us and helps us when we ask Him to. All we need to do is listen.

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November 15, 2021

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