Learning how to forgive

One day, I had a play date with my best friend and a girl her family was fostering. They came to my house, and we were playing with my dolls.

I noticed the new girl was playing a little roughly with the dolls. And when she left, there was a mess in the living room. I felt really upset that she didn’t clean up. 

But then I remembered something I’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School: We are all children of God. Being a child of God means that we are really all good and loving like our Father-Mother God, who is good and Love. 

I started feeling like I could forgive the new girl, because I understood that God made all His children to be kind and thoughtful. I knew I could love her instead of being angry at her. 

It was a good day after all, and I learned how forgiveness can make me happy. It’s easy to forgive when you know that all God’s children are good!

Testimony of Healing
Joyous reunion
February 17, 2020

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