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From the readers

Do you remember a turning point?
On the web: The JSH-Online.

Love that moves mountains

I’d accepted a view of this individual that was far from Godlike—hence, my mountain.

Be a peacemaker

I needed to take seriously Christ Jesus’ teachings on loving our neighbor.
Jealousy, anger, and hate are no part of man’s true, spiritual selfhood as the expression of divine Love.
I was seeing in my mind’s eye the words “Accidents are unknown to God.”
When God’s infinite nature becomes paramount in our thinking, this leads to healing.
TeenConnect: Q&A

‘This photo popped up on my phone …’

What do you do when an unwelcome photo pops up as a text or a Snapchat? Two Christian Science Sunday School teachers share ideas about how prayer can help us find freedom from these “dark images.”
One day, I had a play date with my best friend and a girl her family was fostering.
Testimony of Healing

Joyous reunion

I offer this account of healing for all who have been praying about a relationship problem for a long time with what appears to be little result.
Testimony of Healing
One weekend a couple of years ago, I was traveling with friends, and my neck became sore.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of acute back pain

One Sunday, after attending the service at a Church of Christ, Scientist, I drove home talking about the service with my family.

Beaming love


The healing power of Love

We can look to what God, the divine creator, has made us to be to discover the greatest love there is.
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