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From the readers

[John Biggs, “The healing effect of true self-knowledge,” Sentinel, June 10, 2019]
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Prayer for family harmony

Our real, spiritual being as the image and likeness of God already reflects ever-present, unlimited, divine Love.
God’s love can be counted on, trusted, leaned on as a constant.
Forgiving requires seeing beyond what material appearance is presenting about man.

‘Hello, brother’

We have an innate ability to refuse to allow ignorance or prejudice to stand in the way of loving others.

Our protection during a protest

When my son came to visit me shortly after the protests subsided, he was happy and smiling—and unharmed. 
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth
When I was growing up, my mom had a drinking problem.
For Kids
On Christmas morning when I was nine, I thought I’d been given the best present ever.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of lifelong eczema

Upon meeting my husband, whose parents were students of Christian Science, I gradually began learning about Christian Science, including reading testimonies of healing.
Testimony of Healing
One day I stood at the window in my office, looking into the garden and touching a small wound on my knuckle.
Testimony of Healing

Back pain healed

I am a Christian Science nurse.

All that I am

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There is an activist in the Bible who demonstrates the power of prayer, and that is Christ Jesus.
Bible Lens

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