No need for envy

What is the opposite of envy? Generosity? Happiness? Satisfaction? Modesty? Perhaps all of these, to some extent. But basically I feel that the opposite of and perfect antidote to envy is the knowledge of being loved. Before we can feel generous and happy and express satisfaction and peace, it is important to feel that we have something to share.

In a limited, material world without God, everything would be limited. But this is not the true story of mankind. There is more to life than eyes can see and ears can hear—and this “more” is supreme, limitless, intelligent Soul, our dear Father-Mother God. Soul is surrounding us, balancing us, enriching us, forming constructive and colorful relationships for us, strengthening our joy and gratitude, and giving us life, and we are the expression of Soul.

How I prayed during a hurricane
April 29, 2019

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