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From the readers

[Mary Kuhl, “To move past sorrow, let God light the way,” Sentinel, March 25, 2019]
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No need for envy

Keeping the First Commandment enables us to keep the Tenth.

How I prayed during a hurricane

As I prayed, I felt an unshakable confidence in God’s saving power.
I kept asking myself, “What does it mean to be pure in heart? What does it mean to see God?” 
I could see that Abraham’s trust in God was so great that he saw no reason to withhold his son from Him.

Unexpected leaders

Christ is universal, revealing the higher nature in us all, and is the essence of inspired leadership.
From Kids
I used to be scared of a lot of things.
Testimony of Healing

Smoking habit healed

From the time I was a child I’d felt dissatisfied.
Testimony of Healing

‘Tennis elbow’ healed

I loved racquetball and played four or five times per week.
Testimony of Healing

Gratitude for lifelong help and healing

Rather than thinking of God as a big human being with outsized power, I have learned through the study of Christian Science to explore the immensity of God as divine Principle, Love, the totally good Father and Mother of all.

every face seen

it is not a downfallthat i hope forhow would that suffice?

Dear Father-Mother

We are Your ever-eager nestlings,sheltered beneath heavenly wing;precious, guarded, clearly feedingfrom Your perfect Word, needingonly good that You’re bestowingfor our upward-forward going.
Prayer is all about learning the truth about God and His creation—and putting what we are learning into practice. 
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