Vaccinations and safety

In the midst of the current discourse regarding vaccinations, I’ve been praying to see through the fear surrounding these discussions. I’ve found prayer to be effective in calming fear. This is important within this increasingly heated debate, where the focus seems to be on disease, contagion, and the potential side effects of the shots required.

I remember praying through similar fears while preparing to serve in the Peace Corps in West Africa. The program required certain medications and vaccinations. There were conversations about this and fear on all sides. On one side, there was strong concern about the illnesses deemed prevalent in that area and a strong opinion that the only protection was through pills and shots. On the other side, there was fear among Peace Corps volunteers about a certain medication that had received much media coverage about its significant negative side effects. In addition, because I had never had any vaccinations in my life, I would have to get all of them at once, which also brought about concern regarding possible reactions.

Going into and throughout that experience, I focused on deepening my understanding that protection truly comes from God. There is only one power at work for all of us, and that is the power of God, good. I knew my safety was supported and defended by divine Principle regardless of the beliefs around me, whether they were fears of disease-carrying mosquitoes, contagion, or side effects from vaccinations. Health and harmony are universal facts of being that extend to all of us, regardless of where we are in the world or what a law or policy requires us to do.

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