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From the readers

[Name Withheld, “Find safety through understanding one God: How a principal prayed and what took place when shots were fired at school,” Sentinel, August 26, 2019]
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Released from jealousy

The jealousy lifted off. I knew I didn’t need it.

Never-ending supply

I became more grateful for all the good in my life. And as I did, I saw it grow.
Jesus maintained that our real trust should be in the authority of God.
Beyond condemnatory words stands a beautiful truth: We all shine as children of God.

Vaccinations and safety

I focused on deepening my understanding that protection truly comes from God.
TeenConnect: Q&A
This author was swirling in confusion and distress over a relationship problem. But when she asked God for help with fixing it, she got a surprising answer.
Testimony of Healing
One morning several years ago, I was suddenly seized with pain in my left leg and hip.
Testimony of Healing
I am humbly grateful for a recent healing that taught me a lot about diligently sticking with it when it comes to relying on Christian Science for healing.
Testimony of Healing
Before I found Christian Science some years ago, I didn’t have a good job and was struggling with financial, health, and relationship issues.
Image and Inspiration

'Fixing your gaze on the realities supernal ...'

It is true that even while we are engaged in learning to understand God, we can experience healing, as I did while first exploring Science and Health.
Bible Lens

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