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From the readers

Most of the time when I read the periodicals, the words of the articles go into my heart as a metaphysical treatment.
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Our spiritual heritage

God’s child does not inherit anything that is not perfect.

Unvarying health

Health is not variable and is never dependent on matter.

Inspiration blooms

Nothing can postpone our blossoming.
I’ve come to think of home as the universal consciousness in which we all dwell—in the harmony of Love, Spirit. 
The man of God’s creating consists solely of divine attributes.
Keeping my thought close to God was a way of feeling more tangibly that I really was in God’s kingdom.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
When it comes to homework assignments and projects, is it possible that you could have the ideas you need—even before you start the assignment? One author shares her experience tuning into—and being led by—divine inspiration.
Testimony of Healing

No more flu symptoms

Around Easter several years ago, I began experiencing flu-like symptoms, and began to pray, as I usually do when confronted with physical difficulties.
Testimony of Healing
I would like to share a testimony that illustrates the power of Christ, Truth, to overcome physical difficulties in a way that the human mind cannot explain.
Testimony of Healing

Pain and stiffness in arm healed

Recently I spent three hours outside, carrying a tall ladder with me as I cleaned all the windows of our house.

Love simply does

This profound, spiritual aspect of our existence is more than just an ethereal add-on to our daily lives. 
Bible Lens

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