A Rock of stability for nations

When reading news accounts, I have come across the issue of weakness and apparent instability within some nations’ governments. Underlying factors appear to include alleged unethical decision-making and practices by some government leaders and officials, including a lack of adherence to the rule of law, which have ultimately resulted in a deficiency in controlling corruption.

If we look for stability in the governments of nations, what we sometimes find instead appears to be unreliable or tumultuous. And even what might appear to be stability from the viewpoint of the material senses and based on material thinking can never be lasting. Yet, when we view true government as spiritual, we recognize that it is stable, permanent, universal, unlimited, and actually invulnerable to any material influence. That’s because true stability, which includes steadfastness and reliability, has its origin in God, as is taught by the master Christian and Way-shower, Christ Jesus.

Overcome the push of perfectionism
February 26, 2018

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