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From the readers

[TeenConnect, Christian Kongolo, “Beyond skin color,” JSH-Online.
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God’s kingdom is in place universally, and His government is intact, stable, and demonstrable.

Overcome the push of perfectionism

We express God’s goodness in the spiritual qualities that we already include.

Shake off the dust!

Divine Love wakes us from that mortal dream state and helps us shake off the “dust” of mortal thought. 

‘Not in my house’

We all have the opportunity to immediately deny harmful thoughts entry into our house—our thinking. 
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth
I was brought up with Christian Science.
God is always compelling us to leave behind the incorrect view for a better understanding of our perfection.
One day at Sunday School my stomach was really hurting.
Testimony of Healing
Wednesday testimony meetings in Churches of Christ, Scientist, have been invaluable for me and my family.
Testimony of Healing

Cat’s sudden illness healed

We once had a beautiful calico cat named Pip-Squeak.
Testimony of Healing

Leg trouble gone

One day, after a wonderful day of Christian Science nursing training, I was walking back with one of my classmates when I felt my left leg hurting a bit.

In Love’s sight


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'To Bless All Mankind'
Many Olympic athletes, of course, exhibit the finest qualities of sports, such as excellence, discipline, and teamwork.
'To Bless All Mankind'
It’s so encouraging to hear how athletes have been taking a strong ethical stand for fair, drug-free play in the Olympic Games.

Protest and progress

Prayer affirming man’s likeness to God can free people from all sorts of trouble.
Bible Lens

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