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From the readers

[“Lost items recovered through prayer,” Norm Bleichman, September 4, 2017, Sentinel]
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‘All-in’ prayer

The clearest answers to prayer appear when I set aside every plan and opinion, completely trusting God.
My identity, reflecting the substance of Spirit, is spiritual, therefore always intact and untouched by any laws of matter.
We’re the outcome, spiritual gesture, and expression of the divine cause that is God.
Ultimately, harmony in these relationships was restored.
How I Found Christian Science
In the early 1970s I was living in London and trying to fill a sense of emptiness with food, but the problem had nothing to do with physical hunger.
How I Found Christian Science

A priceless gift

About four years ago, prior to becoming a student of Christian Science, I began to experience crippling headaches.
How could I be both imperfect and perfect? There was no way I could be both.
Testimony of Healing
I have been a Christian Scientist all my adult life, and have turned to God to help me solve problems and heal me of physical ailments.
Testimony of Healing
For over a year I endured a growing sense of debilitation in my right arm.
Testimony of Healing
I have been a Christian Scientist my entire life and have had numerous healings over the years—some with the help of a practitioner and others through my own prayer springing from an understanding of God’s ever-presence and love.
Testimony of Healing
One morning as I was washing my face I noticed a red bump on the edge of my right eyebrow, and I then went about the business of the day, not giving it any more thought.
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'The fruit of the Spirit...'

Blueberry bush shows early signs of fall in August
Cherishing this reality of universal spiritual unity impels us to express it in an ever-widening love.
Bible Lens

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