Looking for success in the right place

Adapted from an article published in The Christian Science Monitor, July 11, 2016.

It’s not easy for companies to see their competitors get ahead because they are paying bribes to officials overseas. Nor is it any easier for an athlete to see his competitive edge slip away because of drug use by competitors, or for students to watch others achieve higher grades because of cheating. Yet, resisting such temptations can ultimately bring a greater payoff.

The greater payoff involves looking for success in the right place—within a broader concept than just the “bottom line” or the number of wins or high grades. Success within this broader concept involves a higher sense of fulfillment, one that results in true gain; it acknowledges that success is linked to integrity and involves resisting immoral temptations such as bribery, cheating, etc.—using moral means to reach our goals. Success in the right place is also measured by whether we earnestly employed our resources and talents through hard work.

The Love that draws and holds us
September 19, 2016

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