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Redeemed from wrong decisions

Making sound decisions in the face of fear, threats, or pressure isn’t always easy.
Wherever we are, God’s impartial law of justice, order, harmony, and love is operating on everyone’s behalf.

The joy of renewal

I needed to acknowledge the good that I was expressing and to know that my true selfhood was good. 
How I Found Christian Science
When I was eight years old, our next-door neighbor came to our home to tell my mother, my younger brother, and me that our father had just died on the golf course.
*Science and Health*: A New Book

Always digging deeper

When I read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy all the way through for the first time, it was the result of an assignment I received when I completed Primary class instruction in Christian Science.

Not guilty!

I felt free from any accusations.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

Sisters healed

My sister became ill while visiting her son in another country.
Testimony of Healing

Back pain gone

Several years ago, I drove about eighty miles to visit a friend.
Testimony of Healing
I am most grateful for a healing I had last year over the summer.
Testimony of Healing
I once experienced and witnessed two consecutive healings over the course of one week, both of them shedding the light of Truth, God, on darkened human thought.
Image and Inspiration
The basis for Christian Science demonstration is divine Love’s embrace of its creation.

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