Christ: the one and only communicator

Over the past several decades technology has taken the field of communications to a whole new level. Today, it would seem, we and our cellphones are joined at the hip, and it’s common to communicate through not only an email account but a Facebook account and a Twitter account, as well as photo applications like Snapchat. A steady barrage of instant communication occurs day and night among friends and co-workers, and between organizations around the globe. 

As breathtaking as these developments are, we have also come to the sobering realization that such communication is being used not just for benign and productive purposes but also for malicious and exploitative purposes. Terrorist organizations are stepping up their recruitment efforts via the World Wide Web, the gambling and pornography industries are vying for online viewers, and people of all ages are experiencing the effects of cyberbullying. The list goes on and on.

March 16, 2015

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