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Your Sentinel of February 23, 2015, has just been dropped through my door, and I immediately read it.
The Christian Science JournalSeeing the present reality
There is a deeper, more powerful communication taking place: the communication from our Father-Mother God.
The fear I had been feeling was replaced with a conscious awareness that only good was present.

One Father, one family

Innocence, purity, and cooperation were what really gave evidence of this child’s identity.

Changing the evidence

In the practice of Christian Science, the only evidence we admit into consciousness as true is spiritual sense evidence.
Primary Class Instruction

God takes us all the way

After graduating from college, I felt it was time to go through Christian Science class instruction.
We should not be reluctant or afraid to do what God guides us to do. 
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing
The Sunday before Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, my husband and I attended a Christian Science lecture.
Testimony of Healing

My body was completely restored

When I became acquainted with Christian Science several years ago, I was suffering from morbid obesity and high blood pressure, and I was a candidate for surgery in order to lose weight.
Testimony of Healing

Child quickly healed

Our daughter had a healing when she was about two years old.
Still Fresh and Healing Today

‘A staff upon which to lean’

The man said with awe, “How beautiful everything is!”

Today’s choice

What built, and continues to build, the Church of Christ, Scientist, is the willingness of its members to choose the actuality of Spirit, Mind, Truth, as the basis for their thinking.

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