A ‘link’ worth checking out

Zabba, my niece’s little Maltese dog, needed a sweater! Because I like to knit, my niece asked if I could help make one. This sounded like a fun project, so I went online and searched for knitting patterns. When I found one I liked, I would click on the link and it would open up to a photo of a cute dog sweater, often being worn by an adorable dog. It was fun and interesting, looking at a variety of links. I learned a lot, too. (Editor’s note: It’s always a good idea to ask your parents before doing lots of searching on a computer or tablet!)

Looking for sweater patterns for Zabba made me think about how cool hyperlinks are. They can instantly show us sites that explain things to us. These sites are detailed, give useful explanations, and teach us new things. Links connect us to helpful information that allows us to understand something better or in more depth.

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December 21, 2015

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