Gambling or God’s law of goodness?

Originally printed in The Christian Science Monitor, April 14, 2015.

I’ve been struck by how appealing commercials for gambling at resort casinos can sound. Behind the glitter, of course, are many sad stories about the effects of gambling and the basic misconception that it can provide satisfaction or lasting reward. Lotteries, another form of gambling, are highlighted in the Monitor editorial “One more reason state lotteries are a ticket to nowhere” (, March 26). The editorial points out that “lotteries reinforce a superstitious belief in luck as a path to easy riches.”

When people are convinced there’s a financial benefit linked with a questionable activity, the lure of money often pushes aside concern about the wisdom of that activity. Yet the Bible, with its accounts of God’s provision, opens up possibilities for good that can only bless all involved; no one loses. The Scriptures give ample reason to believe that divinely inspired answers can be found that will more than care for legitimate needs.

The spiritual ripening that goes on within us
November 30, 2015

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