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Thank you, Sentinel staff and testifiers, for the powerful November 2, 2015, Sentinel issue, “The reason for our joy.
The Christian Science Journal
As the beloved child of God, man can never be touched by any phase of immorality. 
Infallibility belongs to divine Mind.

Remember the ‘rest step’

None of us can be outside of Love’s tender care at any time.
Comfort From The Psalms
Our neighbors across the street were avid and enthusiastic snow-skiers, and they were eager for our family to learn since our sons were in school together.


Rebels get things done.
Testimony of Healing
Last fall my husband went on a two-week wilderness trip to an area in Alaska, where there were no towns, roads, people, or cellphones.
Testimony of Healing

Allergy to cats healed

Years ago I had a girlfriend, who had two delightful cats.
Testimony of Healing
When I was in high school, I was a member of the basketball team.
Image and Inspiration

Truth, will melt away the shadow and reveal the celestial peaks

North Lake, Inyo National Forest, California
'To Bless All Mankind'
All but six states now rely on profits from lotteries for as much as 8 percent of their official revenue.
'To Bless All Mankind"
I’ve been struck by how appealing commercials for gambling at resort casinos can sound.
Wherever we find ourselves, the hand of divine Love is leading us into the understanding of the perfect identity Love has bestowed on us.

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