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[“Repentance: reforming the heart,” Jill Gooding, July 21, 2014, Sentinel]
Gradually I began to see that my real nature was spiritual.
Suddenly I felt the not-so-subtle tug of divine guidance that I must leave my firing post.

To win 'the right of way'

When a debt collector calls, what does this writer do?
Balance comes from the infinite variety of Soul, the expression of beauty and diversity.
Spiritual Lens

" a mirror shows us"

Copenhagen, Denmark
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

You're beautiful!

As you study this week’s Bible Lesson, titled “Soul,” you may start seeing yourself, and everyone, as more beautiful.
How I Found Christian Science
Skimming through a local newspaper one day in 2006, I noticed a feature about a Christian Science lecturer who had recently spoken in our area.

From fear to freedom

I felt as if I was on a roller coaster of emotion.
Testimony of Healing

Overcoming contagion

One morning my younger daughter woke up with a very sore throat and pain in part of her face.
Testimony of Healing

The best roadside assistance

God so loved and cared for Moses and the Israelites that not only did He part the Red Sea to save them from the Egyptian army.
Testimony of Healing
Our family witnessed a beautiful healing that illustrated how prayer in Christian Science accomplishes more than just healing the body; it harmonizes the atmosphere surrounding all those involved.
Testimony of Healing

'My heart is singing'

Whether it’s around the campfire, in the car, on stage in a musical, or in church as a soloist, I’ve always loved singing.
From the Editors

Go with the flow

The upwelling of goodness and love is continuous.

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