Always employed

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Employment is a very individual thing because fundamentally it’s about employing or utilizing the qualities of thought and the talents and abilities we each have for the benefit of others. Employment plays a big part in most people's lives. It can either be a very rewarding experience or it can be fraught with disappointment, frustration, strife. It can involve very satisfying relationships with co-workers, or it can be a constant battlefield of egos, wills, ambitions, pressure, and power. And then there’s the frightening and debilitating experience of not being able to find a job, or of losing a job.

I’ve experienced all of the above in the course of my career. There are a number of lessons I’ve learned along the way and some spiritual perspectives that have enabled me to navigate a progressive path, and often to really love my employment. There’s no one “silver bullet” for the person trying to find a job or for the person wrestling with a very unhappy work experience. But there are useful tools and techniques that are commonly accepted as helpful in finding a job. And I can offer some perspectives that I know can make a significant difference. Not surprisingly, they involve a change of thought.

Divine Love saved my home
June 23, 2014

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