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[“Prayer for Christians,” From the Editors, May 26, 2014, issue]

Always employed

Employment is a spiritual manifestation of God, that is never withheld, taken away, or lost.
I realized that my real home and dwelling were in God and could never be lost or taken away from me.
We can be confident that the spiritual facts coming from Christian Science are reliable and victorious.

A sea view

I love thinking that the seven wave maxim I learned as a bodysurfer is a reminder that I have the seven synonyms of God to buoy me.
Spiritual Lens

The song

Followers of ChristWith footsteps sureAre led to ministryWhenever called.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Compelling proof

As recently as 1924, the world believed that the universe consisted exclusively of the Milky Way Galaxy—until Edwin Hubble discovered that the Andromeda Galaxy and others existed outside of and way beyond our own Milky Way.
The Touch of Class

Lasting good

When I look back to relive my experience of Christian Science class instruction and how it has blessed me, there are always two things that stand out.

Kids ask...How did God create Himself?

That’s an important question! Let’s look together at something the Bible says about God: “You are always the same.
Testimony of Healing

An artist's healing

As a gallery artist I am sometimes asked to paint murals in commercial spaces.
Testimony of Healing

Family relationship renewed

A family situation seemed loaded with potential for a disastrous outcome.
Testimony of Healing

Healed at college

During my last semester of college, I was feeling on top of my game spiritually, academically, and socially.
Testimony of Healing

Free from pneumonia and resentment

I was 19 when I began attending a Christian Science Sunday School.
From the Editors

Ready to be amazed?

Every day should be a spiritual adventure for each one of us.

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