Stop the procession!

There is always so much to learn from Christ Jesus’ teachings. He brings out in many ways the suprem­acy of God, good, and God’s power over the lie and the liar, as Jesus called it—the nothingness of error and evil. With great love for God and man, he brought to us and revealed a com­pletely spiritual, God-centered doctrine, which goes against the grain of common materialistic thinking to bring freedom and healing.

He told his followers to love their enemies, instead of hating them and holding on to self-justification (see Matthew 5:43, 44). He taught us to be modest when being charitable instead of broadcasting our charity to the world (see Matthew 6:3, 4). And he said that before we think about pointing out to our neighbor all his faults and flaws, we should first cast out “the beam that is in [our] own eye” (Matthew 7:3).

Spiritual Lens
Gifts that lift
December 1, 2014

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