No more hip injury

One day, I headed outside with a pail at my side to collect leaves from my front lawn. A strong gust of wind knocked the pail into my leg and knocked me on the ground. Although I let out a loud yell, no one heard me. My leg and my entire side from my hip down felt injured, and it was very difficult for me to move. 

Being a lifelong Christian Scientist, I naturally knew that I could handle this through prayer, and I immediately began to declare the truth: “There is no place nor spot where God is not.” I also affirmed, “Where God is, good is.” The phrase “There is no place nor spot where God is not” had been a favorite prayer of a little boy I used to care for. Every night he prayed that prayer before going to sleep. 

From the Editors
Knowing who we are
November 3, 2014

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