God’s care while scuba diving

Last year my mom, dad, brother Ali­stair, and I visited the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia. My dad and I planned to scuba dive. First, I needed to get certification. While I was a bit nervous about this, I tried to settle my thoughts, knowing this was a great opportunity and one I shouldn’t miss! So I thought about how no harm could come to me because I am one of God’s children. And how, as I’d learned in Sunday School, God’s everlasting love is always present. God’s love protects and shelters me and all of His children, constantly. 

After a lot of classroom work, I put on my gear and entered the pool, which is shallow where you enter, but drops off to about 15 feet. As soon as I deflated my buoyancy control device and submerged, I felt like I wanted to stay down there forever. It was such an exciting, unfamiliar feeling, and I loved it! 

Testimony of Healing
Healing of back strain
November 3, 2014

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