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I found great comfort in the article “My birthday present: forgiveness” in the July 22 & July 29, 2013, Sentinel on page 8.
I felt certain that the classroom would be a place to experience the activity of divine Love.

Who's watching the kids?

My daughter's divine Parent was always on the scene.

Suitable employment

I was reminded that God's plan was complete. Nothing was left out. Good is universal.
How could a good part of Life have a bad side effect?
Spiritual Lens

Reflection on reflections

Many of us are attracted to the abstract beauty possible in reflections, mainly in water, as in this image.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
This week’s Bible Lesson, titled “Substance,” helps us get grounded.
The Touch of Class

Holy ground

I spent much time quietly asking God for direction.

There's a new Mary Baker Eddy biography...

The book also describes what Mrs. Eddy's life was like when she was a teenager.
Testimony of Healing

Eye inflammation cleared

In August 2012, I was asked to substitute as First Reader in my branch church for a Wednesday and a Sunday.
Testimony of Healing

Nothing too hard for God

A year after our first child was born, I developed a physical difficulty that made it necessary for me to be near the bathroom all the time.
Testimony of Healing

Rash quickly vanishes

Earlier this year, I was listening to an online Wednesday testimony meeting from The Mother Church when I heard a testimony in which the writer mentioned a skin condition that had spread over his or her body.
Testimony of Healing
Our household has always considered pets loved members of the family, and we regularly pray for them.
From the Editors
The Christ is the true redeemer. The Christ is the influence that breaks through.

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