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[Question of the week for April 16, 2013: “Please share your prayers to uplift those affected by the tragic events on Boston Marathon day.
Gradually, I felt assured I couldn't fail as a mom.
My fear of being alone was replaced by all kinds of evidence of good.
When you acknowledge the divine as real and authoritative, you begin to have the experiences Jesus was describing.
Bathing every act in God's love, and infusing every thought with this love—that is true joy.

Sweep away the cobwebs

Each of us in entitled to an active and purposeful present.
Spiritual Lens

On duty

Coexistent with God,We guard the worldAnd worlds upon worlds.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
The Christian Science Bible Lesson this week, titled “Mortals and Immortals,” encourages us to see newness and freshness in our lives.
Spiritual Focus on Books

A few good men

Here’s a book that teases as much as it inspires.

Where was Annabelle?

When that little puppy wriggled over to Susan, she said to herself, “I have to have her.
Testimony of Healing

Arms of Love around each of us

This last spring, I was trying to jump up on the monkey bars and I fell.
Testimony of Healing
In late December 2009, I found that it was difficult to move normally without feeling pain in my joints.
Testimony of Healing

My 'Eutychus' moment

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy came into my life as a beacon of light, bringing me a sense of harmony and peace.
From the Editors
The key to the prison door is the understanding that specific, healing prayer will make a difference.

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