Defend thought

One day several months ago, I went for my usual morning run and was off to a fine start. I should mention that I had just started Primary class instruction in Christian Science, and this was the morning of my second day. I was in a terrific mood and all my thoughts were turned to God. I had intended to listen to my “secular” music, but when I turned on my iPod, a hymn was playing—so I just left things where they were, on a playlist of hymns. I knew that God was telling me this was what I should be listening to on this particular morning, so I went with it.

About a half a mile into my planned four-mile run, I came to a place that turns onto a downhill slope—always a fun part of any run—while at the same time listening to a rousing hymn that really had me rejoicing with God and feeling very loved and inspired. Suddenly, I found myself falling through the air (remember, this is downhill), coming down hard on the pavement. I had the wind knocked out of me and was pretty well shaken.

Testimony of Healing
Riding safely with God
February 11, 2013

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