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[Question of the week, January 14, 2013, “How have you prayed when confronted with either news of, or an experience with, contagion or seasonal illness?

Energized now!

As God, Spirit, is indefatigable, so am I as His expression. And so are you.
I wanted to understand God as divine Life so completely that I would never be fearful of death and dying again.
It was early February and I’d been widowed for a few months.
Mind must be the dynamic force behind all true generation and existence.

From highest authority

I literally took a step back mentally and put God in the first place as the Parent of my son.
Items of Interest
Normally speaking, Our Lady of Apostles Hospital would have been seriously affected by the waves of unrest that engulfed the city of Jos in northern Nigeria in the past decade.
Spiritual Lens

Early morning light

Lake Burton, Georgia, USA
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Do you long with your soul to feel God’s presence?
Books—A Spiritual Perspective

Part of one family

Brian McLaren, who once taught college English, served 20 years as a pastor, and has written over a dozen books, cannot resist the age-old question about why the chicken crossed the road.

Questions and answers

Sometimes one sentence or idea will just stand out and I will think about it for days.
Testimony of Healing

Cold and flu symptoms gone

Some years ago, while working for a computer firm, I was afflicted with severe flu symptoms.
Testimony of Healing

Defend thought

One day several months ago, I went for my usual morning run and was off to a fine start.
Testimony of Healing

Riding safely with God

Some years ago, a few family members, friends, and I were biking on Martha’s Vineyard, where we were enjoying a quick two-day getaway.
Testimony of Healing
I’ve always been a soccer fan.
Testimony of Healing

In every place

I love hearing of healings that are directly connected to ideas from the Bible because I, too, have had many healings from studying its pages.
From the Editors

To stop a contagion

Since God is infinite and omnipresent, there isn’t actually a disease “presence” that can somehow invade one’s being and make it sick.

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