'There is no spot where God is not.'

All day we’re getting messages of one kind or another—at work, in school, on the Web, in the media, from friends and total strangers. Some are good and are “keepers.” And a few are so memorable and meaningful they reside permanently with us and impact our lives all along the way. One such message—eight little words I’ve never forgotten—I first heard a long time ago when I was little, on my first day in a Christian Science Sunday School: “There is no spot where God is not.” 

I can still see Miss Brown (the teacher) pointing to the words “God is Love” on the Sunday School wall. Then she stretched her arms way out as far as she could, and with a look of pure joy on her face and a lilt in her voice, added, “He fills all space.” She went on and on about how huge God’s love is, how present, how certain, how good, how mighty, and how we could never be outside it. Finally, she ended on an emphatic “There is no spot where God is not!” Three times she said it, and we said it after her.

'Spiritual armor' at summer camp
April 30, 2012

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