Superstition and witchcraft–null and void

Superstition takes many forms around the world—from beliefs in good and bad luck held in many cultures (note, for example, the proliferation of lotteries in many countries); to feng shui in China and increasingly in other places; to voodoo in Haiti and candomblé in Brazil; to witchcraft in Africa and elsewhere. What all of these systems have in common is that they are belief systems—systems that indicate what the human mind believes, not what God, the divine Mind, knows.

God, divine Being, must be all-harmonious in order to have existence and to be eternal. To be harmonious and eternal, God must be composed exclusively of good qualities, such as joy, freedom, intelligence, and wisdom. If Being were made up of both good and evil, harmony and discord, or light and darkness, it would be a kingdom divided against itself that couldn’t stand (see Mark 3:24). Thus, only good qualities comprise Being—and Being expresses its infinite range of good qualities in its creation. Each individual is a unique expression of that infinite gamut of good qualities.

Thoughts aligned with God–not the stars
April 30, 2012

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