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When I arrived home last evening, there was a new Sentinel, “Easter Gladness,” dated April 2.

'Written in heaven'

“A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life.
Mary Baker Eddy established a unique system for “self-instruction in Christian Science” through the Bible and her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
God is the only Mind, the only power. We're safe.
Horoscopes and astrological signs don't have power over us.
Christ's light far outshines the stars.

My prayer for the rhinos

After some poaching incidents on a wild animal farm, prayer brings this writer needed peace.
A musician explores what "asking" God really means.

'Begone, dull care!'

It occurred to me recently how simple and imperative are the words in an old English song: 
There's a lot to consider in this Sunday School phrase.
A day of wakeboarding on the lake yields spiritual growth–and a quick healing.
Rather than push my own agenda in a hurried way, I could trust in God–the source of all intelligence–to unfold my life according to His plan.
Church Alive

Stay in Church

I halted my plummet in outlook and abruptly declared, "I'm going to stay in Church today!"
Sentinel Watch
I realized that what I actually needed was to find the divine law of harmony. 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Silence the serpent

The serpent's lie is exposed throughout this Lesson. 
How I Found Christian Science

Of cats and Christianity

I was told that there are many things in the Bible that we aren't supposed to understand, but I didn't let that stop me from searching for answers.
Items of Interest

Honor everyone

Miroslav Volf, Yale theology professor, prolific author, and a leading voice for Christian/Muslim reconciliation, was the speaker in the Price lecture series at Trinity Church, Copley Square, on March 13, the night Boston’s Back Bay was plunged into darkness by a generator explosion.
Items of Interest
Over the past winter,  The Mary Baker Eddy Library presented a series of programs called “Paths of Peace in Crisis.
Testimony of Healing

Love heals

One night when our son was eight years old, he got out of his bed pretty late at night.
Testimony of Healing

Leg pain quickly healed

I have often been attracted by the power of prayer when I am seeking an answer to an issue.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of a urinary problem

I have seen, throughout the many challenges that I have experienced, that Christian Science is always able to come to our aid if we trust it completely.
From the Editors
The starting point of our prayers will be the insistence that everyone has been created for the glory of God, and neither bully nor victim fits that model.

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